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Founded in 2019 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Respondeo Books publishes writing of the highest quality that aims to support a robust, honest, and apposite stance toward the contemporary world.

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Science and Civilization in China

Science and Civilization in China

There are many theories about how to answer Needham’s question. Perhaps it was religion? Governmental structures? Language? One answer that some Chinese educators discuss is Western-style liberal arts education. The argument is that a humanities education that...

Travels in Africa Excerpts

Travels in Africa Excerpts

The Hottest Place on Earth In mid-afternoon, four hours later than I’d expected, we came at last to In Salah: a short stretch of unbroken pavement, a gas station crowded with trucks and smelling of diesel, a bitter dust rising in great clouds of yellow as the winds...

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We offer a new model of co-operative publishing.  Members of the co-operative undertake actively to support the goal of bringing into the world books by young or first-time authors—members or others—who, having seriously considered works of the Western tradition, are facing and responding to contemporary life.

About Our Name

The co-operative’s name, Respondeo Books, invokes the moment in which a reader is moved to respond to the world by becoming an author, a moment in which there is a fusion of responsiveness and responsibility that promotes public conversation.  In earlier times the format of public thinking, secular and religious alike, was to state the question at hand, consider what has been or could be said about it, and then to speak in one’s own voice—respondeo—’I respond….’

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