The Minimum Wager

$12 / year

The Minimum Wager will be delivered by email.

This bimonthly letter is addressed to those with limits on their funds and their free time who nevertheless want to think.  The features numbered below, which will appear regularly, are created and curated by members of the Respondeo Authors’ Publishing Cooperative.


  1. A Legacy Passage from classical texts
  2. Review of a pertinent Supreme Court decision
  3. A Scientific Note: on current research
  4. Poem
  5. Film Review
  6. Book Review: Small Gems Recent and Remembered
  7. Light Touches: On Humor
  8. Announcement of new postings in the Respondeo free library of lectures and essays

The Minimum Wager aims at several related goals: 1)  to introduce those who have not yet experienced general and liberal education to a bimonthly sampler of it; 2) to deepen and strengthen the commitment of students and faculty currently in such programs; and 3) to provide a bimonthly booster shot for those who want to keep their prior experiences alive and well.