Martha Franks at AWP

by | Mar 26, 2020 | News

Association of Writers and Writing Programs

In March, Martha Franks appeared at the AWP conference—the Association of Writers and Writing Programs annual conference that hosts about 12,000 writers and publishers, this year in San Antonio, TX—where she spoke on a panel called “Being Human: How Literature Helps.”

From the panel description:

An offsite panel discussion at the 2020 AWP by Authors Large & Small, , this lively discussion on how to keep the good aspects of ‘great books’ while expanding the literary canon to reflect the insights of many more cultural groups. Speakers include Terry Tierney, a Victorian lit expert; St. Johns tutor Martha Franks, who taught Western classics in China while reading their classic works; Jessica Delgado, an educator on Chicano/Indigenous/queer lit; and Kelly Ann Kravez, an MFA student specializing poetry and trauma. Moderator Kristen Caven has written a philosophical graphic novel and a novel about seeking ancient female philosophers. Hosted by Cristina Deptula

Listen to the discussion here.

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