Martha Franks’ “The Practice of Law and the Love of Philosophy”

Download PDF My name is Martha Franks and I am a Johnnie.  I admit that I am powerless over my interest in philosophy.  I am also a practicing lawyer, having spent a career specializing in the arcane world of water law, a kind of law that raises strong passions in the desert Southwest of Santa Fe. I wanted to give this lecture because St. John’s students considering law school have...

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John Cornell’s “Dante Our Contemporary: An Introduction to the Divine Comedy”

In our first posting in the Respondeo Lecture and Essay Library, John Cornell presents a remarkable insight into Dante’s vast intelligence, most especially into Dante’s sotto voce but insistent dismembering of the doctrine of Original Sin with all its medieval gloom-and-doom overtones. With this guidance we can begin to appreciate how Dante laid the foundation for modernity.

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The Minimum Wager

A bi-monthly letter for those who want to think.