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Michael W. Grenke’s “Another Euclid”

Euclid presents the reader with proofs about eyes and what they see.  He gives us proofs about the height of trees and the depth of ditches.  Some of the parts of the proofs are sunlight and shadows and mirrors and chariot wheels.  Euclid offers comments about natural...

Grant Franks’s “Second Thoughts About Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT”

As You Like It is my favorite among Shakespeare’s plays, but lately it has occurred to me that I have liked it for the wrong reasons. Or, to put the matter more accurately, there are many reasons and ways to enjoy this play and while I have long recognized some of them, I have only lately noticed others. The features of the play that I have always enjoyed are still there but there are others that I only recently began to appreciate. Those are the ones I want to talk about.