About Respondeo Books


Founding Co-editors: Phil Lecuyer and Martha Franks

Social Media Director: Alex Marx

Assistant: Adam Robinson

St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM

About Phil

Philip LeCuyer was born in Wyoming and raised up in rural Colorado. After studying at Colorado College, he pursued literary and language studies for three years as a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford. In addition to teaching at St. John’s College for 46 years and continued studies, he operated an organic farm and a grain business for 25 of those years. In 1990 he converted to the Jewish faith. He is married to Joy, and they live in Santa Fe and New York City.

About Martha

Martha C. Franks teaches part time at St. John’s College. Ms. Franks is also an environmental attorney specializing in water law. She has a JD from the University of New Mexico, a Masters in Theological Studies from the Virginia Theological Seminary, and a Masters in Eastern Classics from St. John’s College. She has published articles on pedagogical, legal and theological subjects. Connect with Martha on Facebook.

Membership in the Cooperative

Members of the Respondeo Authors’ Publishing Cooperative participate in its work in several ways:  1) by contributing to and curating RB’s bi-monthly letter The Minimum Wager, 2) by helping to review, evaluate and edit materials submitted to Respondeo Books for publication,  3) by writing and publishing reviews and promoting Respondeo’s books, its bi-monthly letter, and its other projects, and 4)  by sharing their own developing work with other members of the co-op.

Interested in becoming a member?

Thank you for your interest! If you’d like more information about becoming a member, simply contact us through our general contact form, or by regular mail. This information is listed on our contact page, here.

Interested in submitting your book?

For information about our open reading periods and submission guidelines, please visit our submissions page, here.

Sales to the Trade

You can purchase books in quantity through our distributor at Ingram, or through us directly. We accept returns and purchase orders, and we are happy to extend a 20% discount on quantities of 1-9 books and 40% on orders of 10 or more. If you’d like to order directly, simply contact us.

Review Copies

If you’d like a review copy of any of our titles (new or forthcoming), don’t hesitate to contact us.